Thursday, December 11, 2008

oh yeah, i like this better than facebook

I really should update once in a while.

Craig bought us a 3 foot christmas tree from Lowes. It's decorated in a lot of Jimmie Johnson ornaments. This year I found Jimmie Johnson pastic candy canes to add to the collection. I have all our christmas cards done and stitting waiting to be mailed. I still have 1 gift to buy. Some of my batches of soap didn't turn out, so I have to redo them. I'm hoping to get everything completed this weekend.

As for school, finals are next week. I still have to write a paper and do a powerpoint presentation over it. I have a final on Monday and one on Wednesday. Otherwise, I've picked up a bunch of temp shifts for next week to keep busy. Besides, sitting here forces me to do my homework.

I took Josie to the vet on Monday. She's lost a bunch of weight and we were worried about her. They said she's a little under ideal weight, but she has actually put on a 1/2 a pound since her shots in June. She feels so light at 8lbs 8oz. Dmitri is "Mr. Fat Tummy." He's a chubby cute thing that still loves to play fetch. He had a ball on a string we use to throw for him, but he took the string off and just fetches the ball now. He likes to lay on the floor belly up when he wants attention. They're both so rotten.

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