Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I think this has been the most stressed I've been during finals week in quite a while. On Tuesday, my final was a presentation and paper. Well, we could turn in the paper at any time, but had to show up for our presentations. One guy could make it due to ice and another guy wasn't ready, so he wants us to now come in on Thursday to finish the last 2 people. I still need to finish my paper, but not right now. I have a different final at noon that I'm going to sit here and study.

All my finals have been small books. I don't think I've ever wrote this many papers for finals, or any class really. I'm so looking forward to finishing up.

I picked up several temp shifts this week to try and get more work in. I also agreed to work over winter break. The problem is that the schedual hasn't come out yet, so its hard to make plans for traveling when I don't know when I'm working.

Chris came over last night. We gave him his christmas present. His mom called and told him their neighbor was murdered early yesterday afternoon. His parents live not far from where I use to in st. louis. He tried looking up info, but not much was out yet. He went ahead and went home to be with his family. News

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