Saturday, November 1, 2008

Damn Facebook!!!

Everyday I think about updating here, but then I discovered facebook. While I still feel that facebook is the devil, there's a game platform I play through facebook that I've become addicted too and so has Craig. I don't really look at my actual facebook page much, but rather use it to jump into "The Perdith Chronicles: Valiance." It's somewhat similar to D&D (very loosely similar). You use stamina to do quests and its real time based. Every 3 minutes or so, I get another stamina point, so I can only do so much a day. So every hour or so, I wonder back to the computer, do some quests and then walk off. I probably still spend too much time on it.

So for some sort of update... Craig and I went to Hannibal over fall break. We camped out in the really cold night air and went through a really cool maze cave, Mark Twain Cave. I never had seen anything like it before. We also went to their Harvest Festival and a winery. While heading through St. Louis, we got the ingredients for pumpkin pie beer. It's bubbling happily in the fermentor giving off great aromas. Another week and its time for the secondary.

I started working on soap stuff again this week. Today, after work, I want to make some tea soap. Instead of using plain water, you make a really strong cup of tea and then add the tea leaves from the bag to the soap after it traces. I also want to make some coffee and see how that comes out. hmmm, cappuccino soap... an interesting thought. I found a recipe I really like to make bubbly soap with a good lather. Craig likes it too. Later I want to try making a bubble bath bar, but first I have to wait for an ingredient to come in the mail.

Monday is registering for Spring classes and Tuesday is voting day!

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