Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern takes on L.A.

So how out-there is the L.A. food scene? Like some other “Bizarre Foods” episodes, there’s a mix of high-end restaurants, family dinners at home and some of the best street vendors in the area. Zimmern grabs a cow’s tongue torta at a taco truck and Korean blood sausage and pork parts at Western Soon Dae in Koreatown with his doppelganger, Lee Hefter, executive chef of Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining. He also gets a shot of wheatgrass and barley at Mr. Wisdom’s Organic Health Foods Hari Krishna Restaurant in South Central and eats a whole piglet with deep-fried pig’s ears at Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City (pictured). Puck himself makes a cameo before Zimmern nibbles on tempura chicken testicles at the celebrity chef’s Chinois on Main in Santa Monica.

I liked watching about the bug dishes at "Typhoon," a restaurant out at the airport.

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