Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Happened to my weekend?

Amazingly. it's Tuesday already. I spent most of this weekend and proceeding days sewing. As of right now, I have 1 more quilt block to sew together. It's already cut and pressed. The finished item is going to be 4 blocks by 6 blocks, just a lap blanket. Still have a ways to go like putting the blocks together and attaching a backing.

This morning our neighbors new kitten came up to our apartment to visit. Craig could hear it meowing at our door. So I let it come in while I finished getting ready. Dmitri was quite upset having the kitten walking around. He got a big fluffy tail and went and hid under a chair. He wouldn't even come out for his feather. Josie followed her around. She, of course, growled and hissed at my cats and then ate some of there food. I returned her on my way out. When I came home, Josie kept wanting to look out the door to see if the kitten was outside and Dmitri would, as usually, run in fear of the door.

Kate came over last night and we had a sort of girls night. It was a lot of fun. We drank the Chardonel from the Hemman winery, watched "The Notebook," and discussed the men in our lives. Tonight being Tuesday, is tv night. Chris comes over and we watch "House," "Fringe," and then, "The Shield." I think tonight after that, is the episode of Bizarre Foods in L.A. Jenny wants to know what restaurant they go to since she's in L.A. and wants to check it out.

Speaking of which, the Sesnon Fire is happening nearby to them. Curtis' school he teaches at got evacuated since it was right across from the fire. I talked to Jenny and she said they are a ways from the fire, but the air is very dirty and smoky. I doubt Curtis had to go to work today.

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