Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I think this has been the most stressed I've been during finals week in quite a while. On Tuesday, my final was a presentation and paper. Well, we could turn in the paper at any time, but had to show up for our presentations. One guy could make it due to ice and another guy wasn't ready, so he wants us to now come in on Thursday to finish the last 2 people. I still need to finish my paper, but not right now. I have a different final at noon that I'm going to sit here and study.

All my finals have been small books. I don't think I've ever wrote this many papers for finals, or any class really. I'm so looking forward to finishing up.

I picked up several temp shifts this week to try and get more work in. I also agreed to work over winter break. The problem is that the schedual hasn't come out yet, so its hard to make plans for traveling when I don't know when I'm working.

Chris came over last night. We gave him his christmas present. His mom called and told him their neighbor was murdered early yesterday afternoon. His parents live not far from where I use to in st. louis. He tried looking up info, but not much was out yet. He went ahead and went home to be with his family. News

Monday, December 15, 2008


It's snowing!

I finished Ramalee's quilt!

I'm done getting ready for christmas!

ok, well i still need to ship my sister's box....

and I have 2 more finals :P

Thursday, December 11, 2008

oh yeah, i like this better than facebook

I really should update once in a while.

Craig bought us a 3 foot christmas tree from Lowes. It's decorated in a lot of Jimmie Johnson ornaments. This year I found Jimmie Johnson pastic candy canes to add to the collection. I have all our christmas cards done and stitting waiting to be mailed. I still have 1 gift to buy. Some of my batches of soap didn't turn out, so I have to redo them. I'm hoping to get everything completed this weekend.

As for school, finals are next week. I still have to write a paper and do a powerpoint presentation over it. I have a final on Monday and one on Wednesday. Otherwise, I've picked up a bunch of temp shifts for next week to keep busy. Besides, sitting here forces me to do my homework.

I took Josie to the vet on Monday. She's lost a bunch of weight and we were worried about her. They said she's a little under ideal weight, but she has actually put on a 1/2 a pound since her shots in June. She feels so light at 8lbs 8oz. Dmitri is "Mr. Fat Tummy." He's a chubby cute thing that still loves to play fetch. He had a ball on a string we use to throw for him, but he took the string off and just fetches the ball now. He likes to lay on the floor belly up when he wants attention. They're both so rotten.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern takes on L.A.

So how out-there is the L.A. food scene? Like some other “Bizarre Foods” episodes, there’s a mix of high-end restaurants, family dinners at home and some of the best street vendors in the area. Zimmern grabs a cow’s tongue torta at a taco truck and Korean blood sausage and pork parts at Western Soon Dae in Koreatown with his doppelganger, Lee Hefter, executive chef of Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining. He also gets a shot of wheatgrass and barley at Mr. Wisdom’s Organic Health Foods Hari Krishna Restaurant in South Central and eats a whole piglet with deep-fried pig’s ears at Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City (pictured). Puck himself makes a cameo before Zimmern nibbles on tempura chicken testicles at the celebrity chef’s Chinois on Main in Santa Monica.

I liked watching about the bug dishes at "Typhoon," a restaurant out at the airport.

Damn Facebook!!!

Everyday I think about updating here, but then I discovered facebook. While I still feel that facebook is the devil, there's a game platform I play through facebook that I've become addicted too and so has Craig. I don't really look at my actual facebook page much, but rather use it to jump into "The Perdith Chronicles: Valiance." It's somewhat similar to D&D (very loosely similar). You use stamina to do quests and its real time based. Every 3 minutes or so, I get another stamina point, so I can only do so much a day. So every hour or so, I wonder back to the computer, do some quests and then walk off. I probably still spend too much time on it.

So for some sort of update... Craig and I went to Hannibal over fall break. We camped out in the really cold night air and went through a really cool maze cave, Mark Twain Cave. I never had seen anything like it before. We also went to their Harvest Festival and a winery. While heading through St. Louis, we got the ingredients for pumpkin pie beer. It's bubbling happily in the fermentor giving off great aromas. Another week and its time for the secondary.

I started working on soap stuff again this week. Today, after work, I want to make some tea soap. Instead of using plain water, you make a really strong cup of tea and then add the tea leaves from the bag to the soap after it traces. I also want to make some coffee and see how that comes out. hmmm, cappuccino soap... an interesting thought. I found a recipe I really like to make bubbly soap with a good lather. Craig likes it too. Later I want to try making a bubble bath bar, but first I have to wait for an ingredient to come in the mail.

Monday is registering for Spring classes and Tuesday is voting day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Happened to my weekend?

Amazingly. it's Tuesday already. I spent most of this weekend and proceeding days sewing. As of right now, I have 1 more quilt block to sew together. It's already cut and pressed. The finished item is going to be 4 blocks by 6 blocks, just a lap blanket. Still have a ways to go like putting the blocks together and attaching a backing.

This morning our neighbors new kitten came up to our apartment to visit. Craig could hear it meowing at our door. So I let it come in while I finished getting ready. Dmitri was quite upset having the kitten walking around. He got a big fluffy tail and went and hid under a chair. He wouldn't even come out for his feather. Josie followed her around. She, of course, growled and hissed at my cats and then ate some of there food. I returned her on my way out. When I came home, Josie kept wanting to look out the door to see if the kitten was outside and Dmitri would, as usually, run in fear of the door.

Kate came over last night and we had a sort of girls night. It was a lot of fun. We drank the Chardonel from the Hemman winery, watched "The Notebook," and discussed the men in our lives. Tonight being Tuesday, is tv night. Chris comes over and we watch "House," "Fringe," and then, "The Shield." I think tonight after that, is the episode of Bizarre Foods in L.A. Jenny wants to know what restaurant they go to since she's in L.A. and wants to check it out.

Speaking of which, the Sesnon Fire is happening nearby to them. Curtis' school he teaches at got evacuated since it was right across from the fire. I talked to Jenny and she said they are a ways from the fire, but the air is very dirty and smoky. I doubt Curtis had to go to work today.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

another year older

It really has been nice having my mom around. I feel bad that yesterday I was hardly home. Tuesday and Thursdays are my long days. I'm hoping today I can show her some of the cool things this area offers as long as its not raining....

I got awesome stuff for my birthday. I know it's weird that I was asking for so much kitchen jazz, but it seems the older I get, the more important the little stuff can be.

I think the kittens really like mom being home with them. Dmitri plays until he falls over and pants. And then gets up to play some more. Josie was being playful last night attacting the chair and pouncing Dmitri. Mom likes that my cats are friendly.